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Right to privacy VS «Yarovaya package» and its impact on civic engagement 20  декабря, 2016
Right to privacy VS «Yarovaya package» and its impact on civic engagement
Темы: Гражданское общество, Законодательство, Ликвидация, Налогообложение, Отчетность, Проверки, Регистрация, Судебная практика, Трудовые отношения, Хозяйственные вопросы

Over the last few years the Russian government has been rigorously infringing the rights of the citizens, which includes the reinforcement of control over the secrecy of communication. As a result, the Government got almost unlimited access to personal data, correspondence, telephone communications and Internet connections of the citizens.

On July 20, 2016 "Yarovaya Package", composed of two laws, came into force.  First of all, this law is designed for legalization of the existing control systems to track the citizens’ activity in the Internet and to wiretap their telephone calls. The law also enforces requirements to the Internet surveillance system, including requirements to the Internet providers.

  The increasing government control over the private life raises a lot of concerns among members of the human rights community, as such intrusion on people's privacy of correspondence (right to respect for private life) does not comply with the international requirements, regulations of the United Nations and the European Court of Human Rights.

  On the one hand, for the purpose of efficiently fighting against crime the Government, on the basis and according to explicit procedures, is entitled to infringe citizens’ privacy of correspondence in order to obtain information regarding planned or committed crimes.

On the other hand, in the absence of the efficient judicial system and in the situation when the citizens are not able to detect whether they are being wired and to cease such practices in court in case these actions are illegal, total government control over the private life becomes unjustified and arbitrary, which testifies to the unjustified government intrusion on the private  life of its citizens. 

This total control cannot be justified only by combating terrorism, as long as this objective cannot be reached by establishment of a total surveillance.

Everyone who may fall victim of such control, shall have guarantees for the protection from arbitrary intrusion, which do not exist in Russia.

The present report is the first analytical investigation, which provides factual as well as legal information on the impact of the «Yarovaya Package» on civil activity. The report will focus on the newest history of formation and development of the state control institution, designed to supervise private life and secrecy of communication of its citizens, innovations of «Yarovaya Package» in relation to the judgment of the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights in Roman Zakharov v. Russia, which established that there were no guarantees against abuse of the people’s secrecy of communication, which is an integral part of their private life. Apart from that, the report provides recommendations for civil activists on information security measures in the current situation.

All the information provided in the report is available on open sources which have an unlimited free access.


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